Family is our backbone. Whether by blood or chosen, our family are those with whom we share memories of childhood and celebrations. We are raising and watching over the next generation. Let us provide an environment of support for those that will carry the torch of progress.


Friends are our outlets for fun, relaxation, and support. In caring for them, we are sharing experiences that drive our actions and behaviors daily. Their struggles and triumphs are our own. Their needs are our needs.


Our neighbors share our schools, doctors, roads, and much more. Our shared needs are intertwined with those of our family and friends. When we ensure that our neighbors are supported, we are providing for the betterment of all of us.


I am called to selfless service to ensure that our neighbors are always cared for, that when you work hard you are paid for that work, and that our families remain safe. That community is why I am running, with the utmost in optimism, to represent the people of District 14 in the Georgia State Senate.

Each and every one of us in the District 14 deserve to have our state invest in our communities. We all want and need affordable and accessible healthcare. No one should have to worry about going bankrupt if we need surgery or need treatment for a life threatening illness such as cancer. We all want our children to receive a high-quality education without wondering whether they will come home from school that day to their families. We all want to make sure that guns are accessible only to responsible gun owners, offering them the protections they deserve, and working towards keeping the guns out of the hands of those that would cause us harm. We want to breathe fresh, clean air and take our families out to parks and rivers that are devoid of trash and pollutants. We have the same goals for our families and communities. We share in the values that drive our community forward, and I will represent the people of District 14 and ensure that we are working toward achieving those goals, guided by our shared values, every day with the best interests of the people of this district at heart.

I believe in our community and know that as strong as we are, we can reach ever higher and achieve even more as we strive to meet our collective goals. I want to represent the people of District 14 because I know that we are the example of what it means to work hard and have the utmost in devotion to our families and our community while reaping all benefits that come with that hard work and devotion.

I have great admiration for my neighbors and see your brilliance for when we are individually thriving we are collectively flourishing. In Speaking Up for You, I will be a direct reflection of that singular hope inherent within us all that binds with the hope of our neighbors and sparks a collective optimism and anticipation for what is yet to come. The time is now to further bind that collective hope to one another, stand tall on its strength, and discover what is on the horizon for this remarkable community.

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Brittany and friends at the Wear Orange Event for MOMS Demand Action in downtown Woodstock.
Brittany performing with the Cobb Wind Symphony.
Brittany serving as a Combat Medic in the United States Army.
Brittany attending the 2019 Pride March in Atlanta.