We all need healthcare. Every single one of us will see a doctor for an illness, injury, and/or checkup. My youngest son is on the Autism Spectrum and finding services for him that are affordable and accessible has proven exceedingly difficult. No one should have to wait six months for an appointment. No one should have to struggle to pay a medical bill. Mental Health Crisis Centers should be widespread as our Urgent Care and Emergency Room facilities are simply ill-equipped to address the necessities of patients with mental illness.

The people of District 14 deserve a lawmaker that will work to ensure doctors, medical facilities, and prescription drugs are available when and if they are needed without worrying about affordability.

No parent should have to send their sick child to school because they are worried about losing their job or how to pay for childcare to keep their sick child at home. We need to protect our families by providing for laws that will protect a person’s job when caring for a sick child for even one day.

Every child, teen, and adult with special needs should automatically be enrolled in Medicare when an official diagnosis has been provided. This will not only lessen the financial burden on families caring for a special needs relative, but will also provide confidence that their child, sibling, or parent will receive needed services.

Medicare for All is not something that can be obtained overnight; however, the benefits that this system will bring to the people in District 14 are overwhelming. New jobs, less financial stress on the individual and family, and more funding coming into the state will all benefit each person in Georgia and District 14.


Our children deserve everything we can give them. There should be no exception to providing the absolute best in educational services to children in every school. From daycare to college, our children require exceptional resources by way of paying teachers what they deserve, training these teachers, and providing safe schools in which students can thrive.

It is not enough to learn to add and multiply and to learn great battles in history; our students also need to learn how to strive toward greatness as they form and achieve their academic aspirations. Teachers provide the guidance our students heavily rely upon throughout their journey. Every teacher should have CPR training. Every teacher should feel valued and supported. In providing school supplies and paychecks that truly reflect the work they do, we can enable our teachers to forgo their worries about classroom items and the need to get a second job to pay the bills, so that they can focus solely on educating our children.

Civil Rights

Every person deserves equality in justice. Whether it be bodily autonomy, freedom to marry whom they choose, driving without fear of being pulled over by the police because of skin color, or living without threats of violence based on religion, we all want to live our lives with the freedom that comes with living in this great state.

I served alongside LGBTQ+ Soldiers in the United States Army. They were determined to do their job to the best of their ability and each of them served honorably. When we put on a uniform to serve our country, sexual orientation and gender identity should play no part in determining a Soldier’s ability to do their job. Every LGBTQ+ Soldier I served with encapsulated the Warrior Spirit. For it was in each of them and their duty to country and their fellow Soldiers never wavered.

The LGBTQ+ community has fought long and hard to be seen, heard, and to live openly without fear. Marriage equality was a huge victory yet more work remains for this community. Reproductive rights affect women and transmen. Discrimination in employment remains for this community. No one should fear losing a job because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ally is an action word and I aspire to live by this credo every day. I will always fight to ensure that members of the beautiful, vibrant LGBTQ+ community are supported and are afforded every right and protection they deserve.

Racial inequality is a terrible stain on our nation. That so many live in fear of being persecuted, assaulted, or threatened simply because of the color of their skin is reprehensible. The fear is real. The danger is real. Recognizing this and working to end systemic racism is the only true path forward.

Religious freedom is granted to all in the Constitution of the United States. No matter a person’s religion, they should never experience discrimination. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and more all have the same rights. Demonizing any religion because of the acts of radical persons does nothing but ostracize and demonize those that live their lives peacefully and worship as they choose.

Those that may be differently-abled deserve access. Facilities should have wheelchair ramps that are simple and easy to use, elevators, hand rails, and more. Braille menus should be available at every restaurant and business. Accommodations are not something to fight over as each of us deserve to have access across the board.

Military & Veterans

We must support our veterans and ensure that they are not forgotten once they take off their uniform for the last time. We must do everything we can to support our military members and their families as they deal with long separations and the toll that the lasting repercussions of military service can have on them all. Our warriors need our community’s support both during and after their time of service has come to an end as they’ve earned our vigilance in guaranteeing they are never left behind.

I am proud to have served my country in the United States Army. My years as a combat medic were some of the best of my life. I served in the Evacuation Platoon of Charlie Company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. Stationed in beautiful Fort Carson, CO, I served alongside the most dedicated, tenacious people that wanted nothing more than to serve their country. We celebrated and mourned together. We trained together and tested each other. In the years since my service ended, me fellow Soldiers have remained close. We have moved around the country, started families, and some are still serving their country today. Watching some struggle with their disability claims and finding jobs has been heartbreaking. I vow to them, to every service-member and veteran, to fight to ensure they each receive every benefit they deserve.